Cheap beer, expensive beer, kombucha, vodka, gin, tequila, the options keep increasing with what popular drink you can order when you’re in a bar. Apart from the raw drinks, various cocktails have stolen the hearts of alcohol lovers, most of which help them to loosen up and relax.

There is a popular drink in a bar or a nightclub for every mood and occasion, most of which are mentioned below in this article. Take a look to find out for yourself.

Dark and stormy

If you’re looking for a sweet, sharp, and bitter drink, this is the drink for you that is claimed out of the Bermuda triangle. It is one of the most popular Caribbean rum cocktails you can make using dark rum, ginger beer, and lime juice.

French 65

French 65

The drink has a bubbly effervescence that looks deceiving; people can easily mistake it for a soda. However, this popular drink is far from soda and consists of London dry gin, lemon juice, brut champagne, and sugar, which is a delightful experience once you start drinking it. It can also be topped off with champagne which is how it is provided in most bars and nightclubs.

Bloody Mary

This is another popular drink that can be highly customized according to your needs, even though it requires work. The tomato-based drink consists of chopped horseradish, four different types of hot sauces, lemon juice, tomato juice, black pepper, vodka, celery seeds, and sea salt. Depending on your needs, the bartender will be able to hold or increase the spice content and play around with its popular flavors.



Gimlet is only available in some pubs or bars, but if it is present in the one you visit, take advantage of an opportunity to try it. It is a drink with dry vodka and gin base and is the best British cocktail one can indulge in. It has only two ingredients – London dry gin and lemon juice, but the taste it imparts is out of the world.

Aperol Spritz

If you visit a pub during the day and want to relax under the sun with great food and drinks, you cannot go wrong with Aperol spritz. It contains Aperol, prosecco, club soda, and orange slices which reminds you of the classic mimosa but is better.


If you’re visiting the pub in the evening and wish to party hard, then get started with Manhattan, a robust whiskey-based drink that is not for the weak-hearted. It comprises whiskey, Italian vermouth, and angostura bitters, leaving you wanting more. But it is best to take it slow as the effect of this drink is after some time, and it cannot be easy to speculate.