For beginners or people just visiting bars and pubs for a drink, hitting the bar and the pub  might mean something different. Although all places serve alcohol, there is a huge difference between a bar, a pub, and a nightclub. Unfortunately, these vital differences are generally addressed and subdued by industry workers.

Understanding bars and pubs

Bars are places where people go to experience and indulge in various drinks. It caters to everyone’s needs and serves only specific customers who wish to enjoy a drink or two. The primary purpose of a bar is to serve different types of alcoholic drinks to customers and cater to their desires.

However, pubs, on the other hand, are medieval European establishments with an extensive menu of food and alcohol. They had evolved from the medieval European period when houses were renovated to form pubs that entertained customers with food and drinks. In short, pubs are an amalgamation of bars and restaurants which lays equal emphasis on the quality of food and selection of drinks.

Business owners generally consider the pros and cons of opening pubs and bars, which will help them decide on their future customers.

bars and pubs

Factors that help differentiate between bars and pubs

Various factors help in differentiating between the two. They are:

  • The amount of drink you can handle: Bars are about feeding the people enough drinks to enjoy their drinks without concentrating on the food. Bars offer snacks to enhance the alcoholic taste but do not offer actual food. However, pubs also have food which many people also visit the place.
  • The ambiance: Generally, you can judge if a place is a bar or a pub without looking at the menu. Bars have an ambiance with people who might seem to have gone crazy. It’s all about the crowd, loud music, and people gulping one drink after the other. However, pubs are generally open to everyone, from teens to family members.
  • The age: The age of the customers plays a significant role in deciding and choosing between bars and pubs. Most governments have age restrictions on serving alcohol; in many, it is strictly prohibited under 21 years. Hence, teens below 21 are restricted to bars. However, since pubs also serve great food and are partial restaurants, people of all age groups, even kids, accompanied by their parents, are allowed inside the abstinence, with no age restriction.
  • Entertainment factor: Entertainment is another factor for distinguishing between bars and pubs. Although the factor of entertainment remains similar, it is differed by leagues. In a bar, loud music and skilled bartenders will suffice the audience; however, in pubs, the entertainment factor is more laid back.