Whether a seasoned alcohol consumer or a social drinker, you might crave something sour, salty, and spicy every time you drink any alcoholic beverage. The bitter-sweet taste of alcohol goes well with such flavors and also enhances the taste of alcohol as well. If you’re wondering what dish to order that best compliments your alcohol, here is a list you can check out!

French fries

There is not a soul in the world which hates fried fries. It is an excellent accompaniment with burgers, pizza, and an exceptionally vivid combination with alcohol. The greasy, salty, and tummy potato flavor makes the best combination with bitter beer, which leaves you snacking non-stop.

Caramel popcorn

When we think of popcorn, we always consider the salty aftertaste of the condiment, but have you ever tried caramel popcorn? It is one of the best and the most underrated combinations, which people often need help to try. The sweet and tangy flavor is an excellent accompaniment for whiskey and other bitter drinks. The sweetness added from these also helps retain the tipsiness for much longer.

Cheese balls

Cheese, potato, and anything fried with alcohol is best friends. So when you bring these together, you will indeed have a happy mind and tummy. Likewise, hot cheese balls with bitter rum or a salty cosmo are great. But make sure to limit your junk intake, as you can easily overconsume your calories and gain weight.

Masala peanuts

Peanuts are among the most widely available and extensively used snacks while drinking alcohol. In earlier times, cucumbers, pickles, and peanuts were the best friends of alcohol consumers. However, as the years passed, new and fancy varieties of condiments and dishes have been introduced, but many still prefer to stick to the classics. Masala peanuts can be in boiled or raw form, mixed with various spices, cucumbers, onion, tomato, and lime to form a tangy, salty, and healthy mixture of snacks with any alcoholic beverage.

Burgers and pizza

Yet another greasy dish which s-will steals the hearts of people. They’re filling and can be used as a snack to take bites in between your sips. If you’re looking for a wine-and-dine experience and want to order something filling that goes best with your alcohol, sticking to pizzas and burgers are the best option. In the same family, creamy alfredo or spicy red sauce pasta is also a great option to choose from!

burger and pizza

Chicken wings

It is one of the famous options for all non-veg lovers. The smoky BBQ flavor on the tender chicken is an excellent combination with any alcohol, especially the scotch and rum. So, what are you waiting for if you have yet to try it?